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Jethro S.

I can not say enough good things about Angelic Readings with Debbie. I was lucky enough to have worked with this gifted lady on a radio show. I would say she is accurate and professionally the best Angel reader I have seen in over twenty years. AAA+++ Rated

Lisa Marie

I’ve known Debbie for years and she has done reiki on my entire family and even our friends and our teen daughter’s friends too. She also does remote reiki and certified for anima reiki as well. I remember the first session we had in our living room. After the session was over, I went outside and laid on the grass and just felt so grounded and amazing. I will now choose reiki over a massage any day.

Nikki V.

I have had Reiki and an angel card reading by Debbie.  Believe me when I tell you she is truly spiritually gifted!  Her angel card reading was spot on and I could relate to everything she told me and put it into play in my life!! Her Reiki also helped me when I was having a painful problem with my shoulder and arm. I highly recommend her in either one of these fields as she is a unique and caring person with a genuine ability to help others!

Patty B.

Debbie does such a great job, the first time she came to my house I was nervous since I’ve never done or heard of Reiki before but she took all the stress away and really relaxed me and since then I have done Reiki more with her and feel so good. I highly recommend her to anyone for anything!

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